Adapt in seconds.

In addition to protection from elements and wear and tear, the Tree-Dimensional® Concealment Skins allow your camera to blend into the environment.

The concealment skins utilize a patent-pending Tree-Dimensional® molded bark that adapts to virtually any type or configuration of tree bark giving you the most advanced camouflage on the market.


Our new patent pending 360° auto lock leveling system utilizes a built in ball and socket adjustment system that provides you effortless leveling of your trail cameras on any surface.

Featuring a 10lb tension spring, the Undercover™ Trail Camera can simply be moved to the desired location and that’s it, no locking or securing required.

quick attachment

The quick attachment brackets give you the freedom to set up multiple scouting locations and instantly fasten your camera in under a second, no lacing straps or buckles required.

The Undercover's built-in quick mounting bracket also comes equipped with our speed screw attachment. This system utilizes a micro screw set, providing you a quick and easy way to hang your mounting brackets.


Situations can vary all of the time. With the Undercover™ trail camera you can be prepared for anything! This camera provides a fully customizable mounting experience to accommodate individual hunting needs. Three different attachment options include the standard tree belt, a custom paracord setup, and the all-new quick clip attachment bracket. No matter what the scenario, the Undercover™ trail camera has you covered.


When we set out to build the most user-friendly trail cam on the market, we most certainly didn’t stop when it came to the power source.

Rather than using inexpensive materials, the sure lock battery tray from Lone Wolf is equipped with all stainless steel hardware to withstand the elements. The camera includes built-in easy press out slots for quick and efficient battery changing, and even a spare SD card holder for those just in case moments. These details ensure your camera will be functioning smoothly for years to come.


Protection on your investment is essential, so we've equipped our cameras with not only locking and cable options for the camera itself but also on the camera lid and the speed clip brackets. These additional locking options let you rest easy knowing theft is not an option.


The operation is the most critical part of running cameras. Forget about squinting to look at tiny screens or some ridiculous series of up-down buttons to set or adjust options. With the Undercover™ App, you can effortlessly change settings, transfer and store images, create custom photo maps, and even aim your camera all from your smartphone!

The cutting edge features included with the app operation without a doubt provides the most straight forward efficient trail camera experience possible.

efficient operation

Effortless user experience was the number one goal when designing our camera; therefore, all camera operations are accessible in one place directly under the cover. No bending down for tricky battery trays or fussing with unreachable SD card slots.

From the sure lock battery tray to the easy pull SD card slot, the Undercover™ trail camera ensures the quickest and most efficient operation allowing you to be in and out of your ambush spot in a matter of seconds.