Arrowhead -3 Blade
Arrowhead -3 Blade
Arrowhead -3 Blade
Arrowhead -3 Blade
Arrowhead -3 Blade
Arrowhead -3 Blade

Arrowhead -3 Blade

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All new, Patent Pending Technology resulting in the first ever no-maintenance broadhead.

Constructed from solid aluminum and coated with Aluminium Oxide for diamond-like hardness and increased penetration, the Lone Wolf Arrowhead blades feature a maul-like design that causes more damage to flesh, muscle, and bone, creating wound channels that do not close.


Edge Retention- Steel blades require constant maintenance. They dull over time due to exposure to the elements, target practice, and repeatedly inserting and removing from quivers. The LWCG Arrowheads blades are coated with a material second only to diamond in hardness, ensuring you will retain your edge over the course of an entire season and beyond. 

Blade Design- Thin blades create narrow wound channels that can quickly close, resulting in less blood; they can also break and bend, reducing penetration. The Pat. Pend. Maul-like blades of the LWCG Arrowhead are unbreakable and cause more damage to flesh and muscle, creating wound channels that do not close. The severe taper also aids in splitting bone.

Penetration- The core mass of the LWCG Arrowheads is built to exceed the size of all diameter arrow shafts to eliminate drag on the arrow in flight and when entering an object.

Coating- Pat. Pend. Aluminium Oxide coating covers the entire one-piece construction resulting in a smoother surface with less friction for increased penetration. It also makes the head 100% corrosion, oxidation, and rust resistant, ensuring the blades will never dull from the elements. 

Weights -100,125,150 Grains
Cutting Diameter -1 1/8
Material - Aluminum
Coating - Aluminium Oxide
Manufactured -USA


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