D'Acquisto Series Compact Climbing Sticks

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Introducing the lightest, most compact Climbing Sticks on the market in our new hammered titanium finish.

Andrae D'Acquisto was the first to design and invent an all-new class of hunting products for the treestand user back in the 90's - the individual climbing stick. This product has been widely used and accepted by many in the hunting industry. 20 years later Andrae has teamed up with his son Cody combining time-tested designs with cutting-edge new features to further innovate climbing sticks making today's new class of mobile hunters more efficient and effective. Not only do these new climbing sticks feature a roomy step bed and increased separation from their tree for added foot clearance, but they are also designed for ultimate mobility and function. Each stick packs down to an astounding 3/4'' profile allowing sticks to stack securely to each other and then directly to your stand.  Explore additional features below! 

* Stands and sticks are sold separately*

- 1.5lbs
- 17"
- American Made Metal™
- 300lb weight rating
- Available in Standard length or micro
- Patented Compact stick stacking system
- Asymmetrical concealment pattern
- No-slip step design
- Hammered titanium finish
- Increased foot clearance
- Rope fastening optional available
- Integrated climbing Grip
- Reversible steps
- Micro versa attachment buttons

Cam strap - 5 ounces
Loop strap without buckle - 2 ounces
Rope - 3 ounces (6mm)

*Please note, the above are estimated product weights, stands and sticks may fluctuate slightly due to the manufacturing process.

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