Technical Support

Q. How do I connect my camera to my mobile phone?

A. Long Press the ON/OFF button for 3 Seconds, the camera will be powered on.  AT this time the wifi will be powered on and you have 60 seconds to connect your camera by clicking the connection icon in the upper right hand corner of your app.


Q. How do I retrieve photos from my camera on my phone?

A. Short press the ON/OFF button on camera to wake up the WIFI.  Once the wifi is on it will appear on your app then connect.


Q. How do I change camera modes?

A. There are two ways you can change the camera mode, via the app and on the camera itself.  To change the camera mode on the camera itself short press the “Mode” button until the desired mode is illuminated.  To change the camera mode on the app, connect the app to the camera, go into the camera settings, scroll to mode and select proper mode, then click save.


Q. Can I use the UNDERCOVER™️ trail camera without the mobile app?

A. Yes.  Although it is ideal to use the Aim Technology in the app to set up your trail camera for accurate aim, you do not have to have your phone with you to use the UNDERCOVER trail camera.  When setting up the trail camera without the app, all default settings will stay as is.  Please see instruction manual for default settings.


If you are still having issues with the UNDERCOVER™️ trail camera or the mobile application please contact us here or via phone at 414-209-5419 with the following information.

– The problem you are having

– What was already done to try and resolve the problem

– Your full name, email address and phone number

– Model number of the camera and where it was purchased

- Name and model of the phone you are using to connect