Lone Wolf - Undercover™ App

The operation is the single most important part of running cameras. Forget about squinting to look at tiny screens or some ridiculous series of up-down buttons to set or adjust options. With the Undercover™ App by Lone Wolf, you can effortlessly adjust settings, transfer and store images, create custom photo maps, and even aim your camera all from your smartphone! The cutting edge features included with the app operation without a doubt provides the most straight forward efficient trail camera experience possible.

AUTO SYNC - App automatically sets the time, date, and year from phone settings.

WIFI PICTURE RETRIEVAL - Retrieval of photos from camera to smartphone using WiFi

ULTIMATE AIM TECHNOLOGY - This feature analyzes optimal photo distance and allows you to see what your camera sees while on the smartphone App and aim your camera down to the inch with a target point on the screen.

LOW IMPACT SURVEILLANCE MODE - This feature will allow you to use the digital zoom on the camera to lock in and arm the camera. This will allow you to get further away from the desired camera location and not contaminate the area with human scent.

PRIME TIME DETECTION - The App analyzes the data of all pictures taken in a 24 hour period time. At a glance, you can see the best a.m. and best p.m. time within the hour with the most photos have been taken.

DIRECTION DETECTION - Integrated compass in the App is displayed on the aiming screen to ensure the camera is set up in the optimal direction for sunrise and sunset.

IN-APP ZOOM AND CROP - Zoom and crop your trail camera photos right within the app and save them directly to your phone.

CUSTOM MAP CREATION - Create property maps and pin cameras, scouting areas and treestands with the custom in-app map feature.

WEATHER - Check the temperature, wind direction, sunrise, and sunset directly within your app.

BUCK PROFILES - Archive and tag your target bucks.

AUTO FORMAT - Choose to have your SD cards automatically format when inserting.