Andrae D'Acquisto

When you think bow hunting for whitetails one name comes to mind, Andrae D’Acquisto. With 15 typical whitetails over the coveted 170'' mark, two of which are over 200'', it is that name that decades ago single-handedly revolutionized portable treestand design from plywood climbers in the early 1980s to the first ever cast aluminum hang-on.  In the development of such products there has always been one goal in mind, to produce the highest quality and most efficient functioning treestands to aid in the success of the mobile hunter.

cody d'acquisto

Born into the world of bowhunting for whitetails and a mobile hunter to the core, Cody watched his father's portable hunting style from a very young age. He quickly learned a treestand was the most crucial tool in a bowhunters arsenal. Over the years, while whitetail trends shifted to stationary and comfort, he continued down the path that always proved successful and began to take the "mobile hunting" to the next level. Implementing new treestand tactics and strategy, Cody developed an aggressive mobile style all of his own, resulting in the consistent harvesting of trophy whitetails year after year.

brenda martinez

Not being exposed to the outdoors much growing up, Brenda found her love for it after meeting her boyfriend, Dylan. She gets outside to explore as much as she can with him and their three basset hounds, Walter, Beau and Earl. Some of her favorite things to do include going up north, fishing for largemouth bass in her kayak, off-roading, camping and eating ice cream.

ashley d'acquisto

Ashley is a lover of the great outdoors, a passion her father instilled in her from a young age. Starting to hunt at age 12 and shooting her first buck at 15, she was hooked. Ashley has had great success throughout the years harvesting numerous trophy whitetails. For her, the memories curated over the years through these experiences have been second to none. She loves sharing her passions with others, especially those who have not been exposed to the outdoors as she has.

jared kropidlowski

Born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Jared has always had an obsession with spending time outdoors. Hunting and fishing throughout Northern WI and the UP, Jared finds solitude in taking the path less travelled. Aside from hunting and fishing, Jared is a musician, and enjoys sharing his music with audiences at festivals and venues throughout the Midwest. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and being outside with his wife and two daughters.

AJ Kazmierczak
Event / Media coordinator

AJ is the battery pack of the team. Everyone he meets is family and everyone he meets he wants to talk deer hunting with.  With over 15 years of hunting experience and over 25 years of talking, he's the right guy to handle events and media coordination for our team. He is actually most proud of the fact that LWCG is still family owned and USA Made still to this day.  When he's not in the woods he's working on his fitness and hanging with his wife and baby boy.

Zack Robb
Affiliate coordinator

Born and raised in the Virginia mountains, Zack was passionate about the outdoors from a young age. As soon as he graduated high school he purchased his first compound bow. After several years he decided to stop hunting for the perfect tree, and start hunting the deer. Since using D’Acquisto series stands he has consistently been knocking down mature bucks with his bow.

Justin hollandsworth
whitetail addictions manager

A longtime friend of the D’Acquisto family, Justin manages the Whitetail Addictions staff and co-produces the show. To date Justin has tallied up 24 bucks that gross score over 125” with a bow, all 24 bucks being shot from a D’Acquisto designed tree stand.

“Years ago being introduced to Lone Wolf and the mobile style of bowhunting really changed hunting for me forever”