D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0
D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0
D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0
D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0

D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0

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The D'Acquisto Series 2.0 Hang-on treestand features an XL standing platform and 22-inch extended seat post.

The 2.0 Hang-on weighs in at 10.5lbs, is constructed from 6061 American Made Metal ™, and features stand grip points for effortless hanging, a patented Frame lock system for optional gear and game haul, and a center support utility system, and precise attachment ports for D'Acquisto series climbing sticks. Backpack straps are included with stand purchase. Waist support attachments and climbing sticks are sold separately. Explore additional features below.

*New 2023 Design* Equipped with double-stick mounting ports, additional platform utility hooks, and 360-degree bow holder attachment ports. 

Size Breakdown- Short= 20inch seat post Standard/Tall = 22inch seat post 

Stand Customization- All D'Acquisto Series Hang-on treestands can be customized to fit your personal preferences Additional charges for customizations are listed below. 

  • Mesh Seat- $24.99

Seat Specifications:

  • Standard
    • Size- 10" L x 12.5" W
    • Weight- 1lb 7 ounces
  • Mesh
    • Size- 10.75" L x 17.13 W
    • Weight- 2lbs 3 ounces
The LWCG 2.0 Hang-on is a Patent Pending product.

California Prop 65 Warning

- 30.5" x 22" platform
- 13.5'' platform v section
- 10" L x 12.5" W seat
- 20" seat height- Stan20'' Tall/22''
- 300lb weight rating
- American Made Metal™
- In-seat accessory hooks
- Fully leveling seat and platform
- Frame lock feature *Patent pending
- In platform bow holder
- Climbing stick ports
- Hammered titanium finish
- Reverse tooth technology
- Micro Versa attachment buttons
- Asymmetrical concealment pattern
- Seat cushion included (may be grey or black)
- One fastening strap included
- Shoulder Straps Included

Base Stand weight - 11 lbs
Stand cam strap- 5 ounces (Additional strap optional)
Stand cushion (optional) - 5 ounces
Lower Cam strap (optional) - 5 ounces
Backpack straps (optional) - 7 ounces
Waist support (optional) - 6 ounces - SOLD SEPARATELY

*Please note, the above are estimated product weights, stands and sticks may fluctuate slightly due to the manufacturing process.

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