D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick
D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick
D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick
D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick
D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick
D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick

D’Acquisto Series Double Step™ Stick

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Stick Length
  • 14" & 20" Sticks: Ships within 3-5 Business Days / 17" Sticks: Ships in 4 Weeks


Introducing the first of its kind! Our all-new Double Step stick design is cut from a single sheet of aluminum for superior durability.  It utilizes four independent attachment fasteners to ensure a more rigid stick set on all types of trees and barks.  Featuring LWCG’s exclusive offset step technology, these double step sticks provide more standing room, a stud alignment system for easy stacking, and an ultra-thin 1/2’’ profile making these the lightest, most compact double step climbing stick on the market all made right here in the USA.

  • Single-piece design eliminates added components for superior durability
  • Stud alignment system for effortless stacking
  • Pre-drilled aider attachment holes
  • Multi-fastening system equipped with versa button and all new versa tab option
  • Exclusive offset step technology provides an additional 3 inches of standing room

All D'Acquisto Series climbing sticks are now sold individually to give you better freedom in customizing your personal setup! Sticks will be shipped in packs based on the order quantity placed and will come standard with our new extended length 1" cam strap buckle for fastening.  

The LWCG Double Step™ Stick is a Patent Pending product.

Cam strap can be used with the buckle, or simply removed to and used "buckless" to minimize weight and profile of your total setup. 

Download Double Step Instructions Here

- 1lb 9oz (14"), 1lb 11oz (17")
- American Made 6061 Metal™
- 250lb weight rating
- Patent Pending Compact stick stacking system - only 2.5" profile for a 3-pack
- Asymmetrical concealment pattern
- No-slip step design
- Hammered titanium finish
- Increased foot clearance
- Rope fastening optional available
- Micro versa attachment buttons

WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS (for 17" length variant)
Overall Step length for 17"
Base stick weight - 1.5 lbs / 18 inches long
Top step length - 10 1/2"
Bottom step length - 4 3/4"
Overall Step length - 17"
Ultra-thin 1/2" profile


Cam strap - 5 ounces
Loop strap without buckle - 2 ounces
Rope - 3 ounces (6mm)

*Please note, the above are estimated product weights, stands and sticks may fluctuate slightly due to the manufacturing process. Assembly of standoff studs required.

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