Cable Aider™️

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**Aiders are back-ordered and will be back in stock mid to late October**

The all-new Cable Aider™️ from LWCG.  This patent-pending aider flexes to any desired shape/angle and is made of rigid cable construction which holds its shape.

- 17-inch and 20-inch length options
- 17-inch weighs 3 ounces, 20-inch weighs just over 3 ounces
- 3/16th in diameter
- Steel construction coated in black PVC

These aiders are compatible with the LWCG compact, long, and double-sided sticks. 

*fitment notes*

SINGLE STEP Aider for use with Compact short and long sticks come with a locknut and utilize factory bolt for installation.

DOUBLE STEP Aider for use with Double Step Sticks come with Attachment bolt and locknut.

This aider is also adaptable for other manufacturers' sticks.  Additional hardware may be needed and is not included.

Installation and climbing instructions here

Cable Aider™️
Cable Aider™️
Cable Aider™️
Cable Aider™️