Fastening Options

Situations can vary all of the time. With the Undercover™ trail camera you can be prepared for anything!  Equipped with 3 different attachment options, this camera gives you a fully customizable mounting experience to accommodate your individual needs as a hunter.  From a standard tree belt, a custom paracord setup, or the all new quick clip attachment bracket.  No matter what the scenario the Undercover™ cam has you covered.

The Speed Strap

  • Standard pull tight nylon cam strap equipped on both ends with insert tabs so you are never stuck lacing buckles or dealing with ridiculous camera slots to route your attachment belt.

Quick Clip Bracket


  • Equipped with every camera is a removable plate bracket that contains built in mounting hardware. From trees too large for the strap attachment, setting up a historically productive camera location, from odd objects such as the side of a barn the quick clip attachment bracket ensures your camera can be mounted anywhere.


  • Versa mounting anchors on both sides of camera allow you to create custom tethers with string rope or paracord. To each there own! Customize your gear to the look and function that’s works best for you.