Efficient Interface Control System

An effortless user experience was the number one goal when designing our camera. To achieve this all camera operations are accessible in one place directly under the cover. No bending down for tricky battery trays or fussing with unreachable SD card slots. From the sure lock battery tray to the easy pull SD card slot, the Undercover™ cam ensures you the quickest and most efficient operation allowing you to be in and out of your ambush spot in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy pull SD card slot allows you to effortlessly remove your card. No tiny tools or nail pinching required. When the SD card is fully inserted it will be 50% exposed making it extremely easy to pull even with bulky gloves.

  • Battery tray is gravity held and removes simply by pulling up on the battery tab.  No tricky buttons or hidden door compartments that leave your batteries scattered on the ground when ejected.
  • Light indicated battery level and camera function buttons leave no question if your camera is armed and ready.