Silent Touch / Slayer Tape
Silent Touch / Slayer Tape
Silent Touch / Slayer Tape
Silent Touch / Slayer Tape
Silent Touch / Slayer Tape

Silent Touch / Slayer Tape

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Introducing the all-new Silent Touch Slayer tape by Lone Wolf Custom Gear!

An extremely thin and low profile micro rubberized skin that not only silences any surface its adhered to but also provides superior grip and handling.

Slayer tape was designed to be the go-to add-on for all your hunting gear. Apply it to film equipment, stands, sticks, rattling antlers, accessory hooks, bow handles, shotgun stocks, you name it.

Insulating metal objects from cold, providing additional grip, reducing all amplification of sound, and offering unparalleled concealment properties with LWCG's tree dimensional bark camo pattern the Slayer tape proves more versatile than any other product out there. 

Slayer Tape comes in two different sizes to cover different surfaces. We also offer a convenient 'stand kit'. This is optimal for those hunters looking to go to the next level with silencing their equipment. Including three 1 inch strips and two 2 inch strips.  Stand kit will cover the entire stand perimeter, both cables, bow holder (if applicable), and 2 cam buckles. 

*Stand kit fits most standard size hang-on treestands


Single 1 Inch - 1" x 35.5"
Single 2 Inch - 1.90" x 35.5"

Stand Kit
3 x 1 inch
2 x 2 inch

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