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A look into the quietest bow on the market!  The Lobo, Spanish for wolf, this bow certainly lives up to the expectations of its name.  Make no mistake about it, this dog hunts! The perfect predator designed by hunters for one purpose, to get the job done.

The seamless operation provided by the latest innovative advancements from Darton Archery paired with our all-new Silent Touch™ technology.  This gives the Lobo the most vibration dampening capabilities and silent shooting on the market, we bring to you silence where it really counts. The most crucial moments of a successful hunt do not lie in silence when an arrow is released, they lie in everything leading up to that moment.  From the strategically planned entry hike to that trophy bucks bedroom, to the grueling 200-yard stalk for a muley of a lifetime, you can rest assured the exclusive Silent Touch™ Technology truly makes the Lobo by Lone Wolf your Silent Partner.  Silent Touch™ throughout the riser completely eliminates any resonation of sound from foreign objects allowing you dead silent maneuverability.

Our concealment kits not only provide added vibration dampening, but they also give you the capability of changing the appearance of your bow to blend in with numerous surroundings.

Tree-Dimensional™ Concealment Kit included

- Patented Silent Touch™️ Tech coating
- Tree-Dimensional® Camo Concealment Kit
- Darton Archery's latest Hybrid Cam System
- 330-340 fps IBO
- 33 13/16" Axle to Axle
- 6'' Brace Height
- 25-31" draw length rotating mod
- 4.1lbs base weight
- 50/60/70lb draw weights available
- 80% let off

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