Reverse Tooth Technology *Patent Pending*

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Reverse Tooth

The teeth on the foot casting of the 1.0 are drafted toward the tree allowing the stand to settle down when weight is applied without any additional movements.


American Made Metal™

Lone Wolf Custom Gear American Made Metal

Weighing in at 7.5lbs with a 27 x 19.5 platform and a seat size of 10 x 12.5 makes the 1.0 the lightest and strongest stand with its capability on the market all constructed from solid 6061 aluminum made right here in Michigan.


Offset Bracket

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Off-set Bracket

Bites harder and levels further than previous designs. With 6 large teeth and an additional 6 micro alignment teeth the offset capability for leveling on crooked trees is unbeatable.




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