The Story of the Kuhnert's Ambush

Some of you may think saddle hunting with micro platforms is a new trend, but the fact is the Lone Wolf guys have been at this for decades!

Brad Kuhnert began hunting from a saddle in the mid-1980s. The weight reduction and versatility of a saddle proved optimal for his treks into the big woods of northern Wisconsin. Primarily hunting from limbs and steps to avoid hauling bulky treestands, Brad sparked the idea of a small compact platform to use in conjunction with his saddle. He then started to customize his own. Made of steel, they were very compact but remained heavy. Not long after, the creative mind behind saddle hunting met the creator of cast aluminum treestand technology, Andrae D’Acquisto. He was shocked at the weight of the Lone Wolf stands Andrae had designed and began using the smaller models for saddle hunting himself. A few years later the Assassin was born. The first-ever cast aluminum saddle platform designed by Brad and Andrae, creating a whole new trend of mobile hunting.

Twelve years later Lone Wolf Custom gear brings you the Kuhnert's Ambush. The Ambush is designed in the image of its original counterpart, the assassin, which features the same excellent stability and standing room with an astounding weight reduction. This ultralight unit will allow you to hunt places you never thought possible. Whether your hiking in several miles or hitting that quick sit after work, the Ambush will no doubt be an irreplaceable tool in your hunting arsenal.