Lone Wolf IV / VG Arrow

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Lone Wolf custom arrows equipped with Tree-Dimensional® vanes and the all new IV /VG inserts.

The IV/VG inserts utilizes a patent pending venting system that allows blood to flow freely through the arrow shaft and out the knock side on non pass through hits. Integrated fluting of the insert ensures venting is not plugged by surrounding meat or tissue allowing optimal flow and blood production.

Not only does the IV/VG insert aid in the production of blood, it increases accuracy and penetration as well.  During testing of this product we learned of a very fortunate series of events taking place. In flight, our insert was actually creating a vortex generator that greatly reduced the overall resistance on the arrow. 

The IV VG insert creates a vortex by removing part of the slow-moving boundary layer in contact with the arrows surface, delaying aerodynamic stalling, thereby improving the effectiveness of vanes/feathers and the remaining arrow surface. The insert flutes rapidly move outside air into the slow-moving boundary layer in contact with the surface ensuring effectiveness of trailing edge arrow surfaces.

Lone Wolf IV / VG Arrow
Lone Wolf IV / VG Arrow

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